BurnOut: The "Global Profit vampire"


We've become so used to being stressed out and burned out that we don't actually realize how much we're suffering. It's what I call our new human condition and it has a big price tag when it comes to people and business. In Jan Bruce's article for Forbes, she calls burnout a "global profit vampire" with an estimated economic impact of $322B globally. The World Health Organization has now added "burnout" to their International Classification of Diseases book. The struggle is real but that doesn't mean we have to crumble. We'll talk about burnout and how to know whether or not the vampire has "bitten" you. We'll cover factors contributing to burnout and the real impact it has on people and business. You'll learn how to make small shifts to create your "calm," to increase wellness, happiness, engagement among teams and performance. This session will wrap up with a guided group mindfulness experience to help you get the good vibes flowing when the world around you is racing.

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Cole Baker Bagwell, Cool Audrey