Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification Program

Support for Ansible modules provided by Red Hat and Ansible Ecosystem Partners

Ansible Everywhere

With more than two million downloads of Ansible per month, chances are teams in your organization are already automating to save time and increase productivity. Ansible Certification extends the support umbrella to select partner ecosystem modules and plugins, further accelerating user deployment times by providing improved security, reliability and consistency of content.

supported Platform

Red Hat Ansible Automation provides the supported platform to scale and manage IT automation in your organization. This platform includes Ansible Engine, Ansible Tower and Networking products, and currently supports more than three million Red Hat customer systems.

As IT infrastructures grow in complexity, the need for automation becomes more pressing. To help address the challenge, Red Hat is driving Ansible into more domains and expanding the supported use-cases for automation across infrastructure, networks, cloud and more, enabling users to more easily automate more tasks in more ways. Helping organizations more securely expand their automation, Ansible Certified content mitigates risks and security concerns associated with consuming automation content from unknown sources.

Supported Ecosystem

The Ansible Automation Certification Program is a shared statement of support for certified Ansible modules between Red Hat and the Ecosystem partner.

Ansible modules and plugins that are developed through Red Hat partners can be submitted to the program, where they are scanned against known vulnerabilities, checked for compatibility and validated to work in production. This provides assurances to end users that a certified module will perform as expected in mission-critical environments.

The Certification Program includes content from popular Cloud, Network, Security and Storage ecosystem partners. Together, these partners offer hundreds of Ansible Certified modules, helping expand the breadth of enterprise automation.

With the Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification Program, our joint customers will get the end to end support on automating F5 application services that mission–critical environments demand.

Calvin Rowland,
Senior vice president,
Business Development, F5

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