Cloudy with a Chance of Automation


How using Ansible Automation to deploy remote hardware footprint reductions is leading to an automated enterprise at the National Weather Service Southern Region.
- Removing 32 physical server with 4 VMS KVM/QEMU Dell 720 1 RHEL Server 4 RHEL Workstation
- Create 2 VMs existing hardware Dell 730 using Hyper-V on Windows 2012-R2 server core 1 RHEL Server 1 RHEL Workstation
- Driven by lifecyle and OS license cost reductions Budgets getting tighter in Federal Govt
- Local office utilize LAMP stack for internal web and database applications Using Mariadb, PHP and Apache
- Unique Primarily Windows environment server and desktop

Deployed on Hyper-V Using SCCM OSD to install OS from PXE boot on VM Provision RHEL O/S using Ansible Includes joining Active Directory domain with Centrify Geographically disbursed

Challenges overcome: Disparate system configuration management Varying patch level Security vulnerability mititgation Variability in skill sets for existing IT staff.

What we learned: The value and time savings of automation. How existing systems in the field have drifted from baseline CM. Self documentation

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David Robnett, National Weather Service


Mike Samuelson, National Weather Service