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Red Hat Consulting helps customers successfully adopt and integrate Ansible to create and standardize centralized automation practices that add business value and build a strong foundation for DevOps.

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Transform How IT Delivers Business Value for your Company

The speed of business today means companies must deliver better products to market faster. But extended release cycles, shadow IT and the growing complexity of a company’s infrastructure and systems makes keeping up with market demands increasingly challenging.

Ansible is a simple-to-use IT automation engine that transforms the repetitive, inefficient tasks of software release cycles into predictable, scalable processes. Ansible can help you automate cloud provisioning, application deployment, configuration management and deploy full orchestration. Simply put, do more by using automation to do the rest.


No matter where you are on the path to automation, we can help


Bridge the gap between traditional IT environments and newer, agile implementations.


Leverage automation to migrate applications to new infrastructures.


Model everything and deploy continuously.

Automation’s impact to your bottom line

Improves speed

Provision systems and deploy workloads faster.

Creates predictability

Drastically reduce risk of human error.

Provides management

Centrally govern and monitor disparate systems and workloads.

Increases responsiveness

Scale readily in pace with demand.

Fosters collaboration

Continuously align business and IT (Dev and Ops).

Our Process

Using our Solution Delivery Framework (SDF), we help customers quickly, iteratively and strategically achieve value while building enterprise wide capabilities.  The SDF provides a simple yet powerful outline that can be adjusted and scaled out as needed.

Across these stages, we provide a set of products, services and custom engagements to help customers design, build and scale an automation strategy that meets their unique business needs.



Identify challenges and potential issues as well as viable approaches and technologies, necessary participants and desired outcomes.

Outline your current state, target state and opportunities for change.


Analyze the current state architecture and organizational practices for the migration.

Strategize across people, processes and technologies to deliver and scale automation.

Define architecture needed that addresses target environments.


Modernize legacy approaches by automating configuration, provisioning and deployment of systems and workloads.

Standardize tools, process and governance and centralized management for enterprise-wide automation initiatives.

Optimize culture to promote collaboration and accelerate work.

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