Cybersecurity Automation and Prevention with Check Point and ANsible

Security landscapes and threats are rapidly evolving, driven by the rise of virtualized networks, public and private clouds, SDN, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These demands require advanced threat prevention solutions for cybersecurity management and next-generation firewalls. Ansible’s integration with Check Point makes it easier to automate enterprise security environments while achieving the highest standards for prevention, service uptime, and operational efficiency. In addition, joint customers can easily download the most common Ansible use-cases roles and start automating their needs with Check Point security. In this session, the attendees will be able to automate and configure Check Point policies via Ansible engine modules. This ensures high availability of all Check Point services throughout an enterprise’s distributed network. Customers can centrally orchestrate Check Point gateways across a variety of public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Also, users will learn how to use and automate all of the Check Point products under the Ansible repo.

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Amiad Stern, CheckPoint


Sumit Jaiswal, Red Hat