enabling Network as a service with ANsible at the Core


This session will focus on how you can build an open source network service orchestrator using Ansible at the core. Ansible and git are great for DevOps teams in automation and managing a network source of truth. How can this capability then be scaled and exposed to benefit the customer directly? Learn about the reference architecture and the operating models required to create a zero-touch network service orchestrator capable of customer fulfillment.

In doing so we:
● Radically improved customer experience
● Reduced service provisioning time from weeks to hours
● Up-skilled a traditional architecture and operations team to modern software dev and configuration management practices
● Reduced operational management time and the technical debt of the platforms and processes
● Remove human error and re-work from the implementation process
● Establish a source of truth for dynamically changing data
● Embraced and championed Agile and DevOps in a traditional telco Network Engineering team

This session will benefit attendees who work for, work with, or outsource to, telco Network Service Providers.

Key topics will include:
● Why Ansible worked in this use-case and why it may be key to many more
● Meet the Agile DevOp’s team
● Our Learnings and the Gotchas
● Our reference architecture and approaches
● How we transformed the team's capabilities and culture

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James Stenhouse, Telstra