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Automation Bridges Enterprise and Academics

Ansible is deeply committed to the future of education, and are ready to give your teams – from the classroom to the campus – the power to scale IT automation, manage complex deployments, and free-up resources for innovation. And not only does Ansible help automation in academic environments, the skills learned are quickly transferable to today's IT organizations.

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Multiple Departments, One Playbook

Sharing what we learn with others is a hallmark of modern education systems. Why should IT automation be any different? With Ansible, you can easily reuse playbooks and roles across different departments, colleges, and teams. Even classes can learn from one another, regardless of skill level or the technologies you use. After all, simplicity grows more important the more people it impacts. That’s why Ansible is automation designed with everyone in mind.

Automation That Talks to Anything

Ansible is simple to learn, and can talk to nearly anything. No matter how varied your infrastructures are, Ansible can be used to deploy and manage your technologies. Whether your goal is to free up resources by moving to the cloud or building your infrastructure from the ground up, Ansible allows users to easily manage physical devices – bare metal, network, or even storage – virtualized infrastructures, and operating systems.

And because it’s agentless, it doesn’t impose additional demands on your institution’s environment, in fact, you have to think about it as little as possible. No on-site servers are needed to get Ansible working, no custom scripts or code are needed to manage applications. Simple, powerful, agentless.

Simple and Easy to Learn

Ansible, using a human readable language, allows development speed and productivity to be greatly increased. Programming skills are not required and we provide a wealth of easy-to-follow documentation, so it’s quick to learn and implement. Plus, because Ansible playbooks use a very simple language (YAML) anyone who can write a shell script can easily get started and start automating within a few hours.

Ansible in the Classroom: Academic Pricing

Want to try Ansible in the classroom? We’re passionate about supporting the next generation of developers, IT managers, and CIOs, contact us to learn about special pricing for academic learning applications of Ansible.

Ansible Tower has allowed us to provide better operations and security to our clients. It has also increased our efficiency as a team.

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