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Ansible offers the fastest and easiest path to IT automation, making it easier to modernize your IT infrastructure and unleash IT innovation in your community.

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Are ongoing operations and maintenance slowing your agency’s pace of innovation? Stuck in a cycle of “wash, rinse, repeat”? Automation is one of the best ways to lower O&M and free-up your budget for innovation.

With Ansible you’ll spend more time doing real work and getting more from your existing technology investments. Ansible reduces the manpower needed for IT tasks and increases the reliability and repeatability of numerous IT operations. Its simple automation language means it’s easy to get started, no special coding skills needed – so you can learn quickly.

The more people that are automating in your environment (think of them as communities working together to make automation playbooks robust and useful) the more successful your agency’s initiatives will be.

Built for Hybrid

While government mandates push for a movement away from legacy systems, doing so is costly and risky. Hybrid IT offers a flexible alternative for budget-conscious agencies. But it also brings complexity and management challenges. Simplifying these hybrid environments is no small feat. The good news is that Ansible lets you automate anything.

Regardless of which vendors populate your infrastructure, Ansible can help you automate all your environments, from physical to virtual, cloud to containers, and even networking – all without exposing credentials or teaching users the specific UIs and APIs for each provider. Ansible uses the same language for everything in your hybrid platforms, operating systems, networks, clouds, and more.

Blending Legacy with Modern

Your IT organization is under pressure to modernize operations, but what does this mean to legacy environments? With Ansible, agile development and operational methodologies can be achieved in legacy environments without significant personnel or process changes – saving tax payer dollars and precious time.

Automate and modernize existing methodologies and systems and make more efficient use of resources – people, processes, and technology. When you model everything with Ansible, migrations are a snap.

Ansible Tower has allowed us to provide better operations and security to our clients. It has also increased our efficiency as a team.

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