Government, Integration and Educational customers alike choose Ansible because of our ability to rapidly deliver significant value in enterprise IT environments.

Regardless of your program’s size, complexity, or security requirements, Ansible has a solution that fits.


Why Government Agencies are choosing Ansible 

Many US Government programs look to adopt DevOps and agile development methodologies as there is a need for tools to manage the application lifecycle, and make it easier and more predictable to deploy and manage entire application environments.

  • Ansible is Agentless - Ansible relies on the trusted management ports, SSH and WinRM, allowing you to no require any changes to existing firewall port filtering rules.
  • Human Readable PlaybooksAnsible Playbooks and Roles are written in plain-text YAML allowing anyone, even those who know who don't know Ansible, to interpret what the Playbook or Role is describing.
  • Audit Trails and Role Based Access Control - With Ansible Tower, easily delegate access to inventories, Playbooks, Roles, credentials, and keys; then control what users can do in your environment.




Automation, Security and Ansible

Effective security for your environment and application is a constant concern. Ansible automation, coupled with Ansible Tower management are together the best way to automate the application and maintanence of information security benchmarks in your environent.

Is your organization required to comply with the DISA STIG? Ansible has partnered with the MindPoint Group to create and maintain an Ansible Role for the STIG. Learn more at the Ansible STIG role project page.

Ansible for Education

Ansible has a popular program for Educational Institutions.

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