How ING Implemented Ansible for Continuous Delivery


ING is well on its way to become a true Agile DevOps IT organization. Over the last years we have implemented a standardized Continuous Delivery pipeline, which we provide to our global IT teams as a service (CDaaS). This means all DevOps teams across the globe use the same central source code repository, the same artifact repository, and the same integrated release and deployment automation tools.   

However, one size fits all is never the case in a global and diverse enterprise as ING. In order to have standardization, rationalization yet flexibility to adapt to the complex multi-tier, multi-component, monolith application deployments and still reap the benefits of central delivery pipeline, we required a flexible and highly customizable deployment automation solution.

In this talk, we would like to share how we integrated Ansible Tower into our bank-wide Continuous Delivery pipeline, to offer flexible and powerful server configuration and deployment capabilities to our DevOps teams, while making the entire application delivery cycle secure, auditable and as standardized as possible. We will touch on topics such as the cultural and organizational challenges, technical implementation, seamless integration using Tower APIs, as well as the integration with the automated infrastructure provisioning pipeline




Ashutosh Sahu, Product Owner, ING




Arnab Sinha, Solution Architect , ING