How Red Hat Infosec & IT deal with Security


Technology and change in engineer’s thinking are allowing us to deal with the pressure of fast-growing environments in a smarter, more automated fashion.

However, security automation was always a step behind, mostly because of fragmented infrastructure consisting of different platforms from multiple vendors.

Come to see how Red Hat IT and InfoSec are using Ansible to deploy, maintain and automate the operations of the network and security products defending our corporate infrastructure. <br>
You will see:

- What we used to do before automation
- What challenges we faced in our automation journey
- How we deal with security automation now, from code defined configurations to investigation and response activities
- How we plan to evolve

The audience should have a basic knowledge of Ansible, network infrastructure and security. 
They will leave with insights on how Red Hat IT and InfoSec are automating their network and security infrastructure, including firewalls and IDS and SIEM.

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Martin Moucka, Red Hat


Franta Kolacek, Red Hat