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Company culture is not a mystery. It's the vibe created by a company's people. It's about how they show up, react and engage with each other. We tune into each other's vibes. Like energy creates, attracts and becomes like energy. This is super important as we think about business. When we all come together, our energy connects like a chain, each person adding their link one by one. The collective energy created can be magic or it can be a major downer, turning even the best companies into unkind and unproductive places. Grumpy teammate? Difficult boss? Traffic jams on your commute? No problem. During this session, we'll talk about how to tap into and architect positive energy by making little shifts to help you show up as your best self. You'll learn how you can change the tone of the business you do and the outcomes you share. This session will wrap up with a guided mindfulness experience to wake up your good vibes and ease whatever ails you.

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Cole Baker Bagwell, Cool Audrey