Infrastructure Automation and Configuration Management of Capital One's AWS Cybersecurity Data Lake

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At Capital One, cybersecurity event data accounts for roughly six terabytes of data per day. To effectively mitigate the growing threat of cyberattacks, security operations center analysts require low-latency access to this data in real time. To address this need, we created a large-scale distributed data processing platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Managing such a large platform introduces many challenges, including large amounts of toil, slow deployment velocity, and an increased risk of incidents. In this talk, I discuss how Ansible allowed us to effectively address these issues. I describe how we leveraged Ansible to improve deployment velocity, production reliability, and incident management while also meeting regulatory compliance. Additionally, I detail the best practices we’ve developed to maintain high team velocity even as our cluster grows in complexity and scale. Finally, I conclude by discussing areas for improvement and future work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How Ansible helped solve our challenges of managing a Big Data platform (300+ EC2 instances in AWS) that stores hundreds of TBs
  • Our Ansible best practices that enable high team velocity
  • How using Ansible made it easier for us to meet compliance




Mihai Sirbu, Data Engineer, Capital One