Infrastructure Automation with Ansible

Whatever you’re deploying, there’s infrastructure underneath it. Not only does Ansible have great support for automating across the Cloud and across services , but it also supports building your infrastructure from the ground up.


Ansible’s simple, Playbook-based automation is easy to integrate into whatever provisioning infrastructure you already have. Ansible works easily with provisioning systems, including:

Once a thin bare-metal instance is provisioned, Ansible can wait for SSH to become available, and then pick up and complete the build of your entire stack… almost like magic.


Moved to virtualized infrastructure? No problem. Ansible supports all the industry-leading virtualization platforms, including:

  • VMware
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)
  • Libvirt
  • Xenserver
  • Vagrant

With Ansible, you can easily provision, destroy, take inventory, and manage your virtual environments. Plus, Ansible’s extensive support allows you to then deploy and orchestrate across all of your virtual environments once you’ve provisioned them. When you add Ansible Tower to your environment, non-administrative users can safely request and manage virtual resources using the Playbooks you provide them-- all without needing access to sensitive credentials.


Ansible supports the operating systems that keep your business running, including:

No matter your platform, Ansible modules exist for managing the installation of software, updates, system configuration, and the managing of system features. And if you’ve got more specific requirements, Ansible will wrap native commands on any of these platforms, allowing you to automate anything you can imagine.



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