Cloud support with Ansible

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is now available as a self-managed offering from the Google Cloud Marketplace. Automate with minimal set up—and maximum flexibility. Get started

Ansible’s library of cloud support modules makes it easy to provision instances, networks, and complete cloud infrastructure wherever you need. The same simple Playbook language you use for application deployment and on-prem virtualization automation also provisions your infrastructure, and applies the correct configuration to it. Ansible ensures your cloud deployments work seamlessly across public, private, or hybrid cloud as easily as you can build a single system.

Provisioning cloud infrastructures with Ansible is easy

Clouds are more than just servers. Regardless if your application environment just consists of servers, or servers, specific OS configurations, virtual private networks, subnets, and even load balancers - Ansible will ensure the infrastructure meets every need of your application each and every time.

Deploying your clouds with Ansible takes out the guesswork from the process. You don’t have to spend time educating entire teams on how to work with each cloud vendor in your environment, and you can trust that every deployment meets all of your policy each and every time.

Clouds are more than just servers

The modularity of Ansible’s code base allows Ansible to manage today’s infrastructure, but also rapidly adapt to new IT needs and requirements from the clouds of tomorrow. Ansible includes over 300 modules spanning hundreds of API endpoints in various public and private cloud technologies and vendors. From OpenStack to AWS to GCP and Azure, Ansible has the capabilities you need to effectively deploy and manage your infrastructure, including:

  • Servers and operating
  • Cloud-native routing and networking
  • Virtual private networks
  • Access policy and permissions
  • Load balancers
  • Autoscaling policy
  • and more...


Ansible includes over 300 modules to support cloud infrastructures, including public clouds:

Ansible also manages private cloud frameworks:



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