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Today’s approach to creating and managing containers is both manual and, in many ways, antiquated. Even for organizations that make heavy use of automation for their build processes, implementing containers today means creating complicated and brittle shell scripts to build the containers themselves. And managing the lifecycle of containers from dev to prod is an equally vexing and manual process.

Why not build your containers with Ansible playbooks? Now you can.

Ansible Container is an open source project that aims to enable the automation of the entire container build, deployment and management process. Best of all, it uses the same simple, powerful and agentless Ansible automation language that you’re already using, ensuring you can automate the entire application lifecycle.

End the BASH madness

Ansible Container represents an end to the command && command && command (and so on) syntax you’ve been struggling with to build containers. Since Ansible is at the heart of Ansible Container, you can make container builds completely predictable and repeatable. You can even use the Ansible template module to automatically create the compose files you’ll need.

No SSH required

Using Ansible Container does not require you to include SSH in your container images, nor does it install any software or leave artifacts after the fact. Your resulting application containers include only what you specify.

Cloud Deployment Ready

When you’re ready to deploy to the cloud, Docker Compose leaves you only one option. Ansible Container will allow you to deploy your application into any number of registries (private or otherwise), as well as a host of cloud infrastructures. No additional code required.

Get Started

Download and Try Ansible Container now on GitHub.

Explore an example Ansible Container project in Ansible Docs.

Contact us for a container management demo.




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