Ansible and Sensu

Simple. Scalable. Multi-cloud monitoring.

As businesses adopt new, multi-cloud technologies to stay competitive, they’re confronted with an endless cycle of “day two” operational challenges, including maintaining visibility and avoiding expensive downtime. Sensu is the solution for multi-cloud monitoring at scale. The Sensu monitoring event pipeline empowers businesses to automate their monitoring workflows and gain deep visibility into their multi-cloud environments.

Monitoring at the speed of automation

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a popular configuration management tool. It helps organizations of all sizes build modern and scalable automation workflows. Sensu Go is designed with configuration management tools in mind, working hand in hand with Ansible Automation Platform to streamline your monitoring experience.

Use the Ansible Collection for Sensu Go to:

  • Provision Sensu components

  • Configure all aspects of your Sensu monitoring deployment

  • Maintain and scale your configuration on the fly

  • Trigger self-healing workflows following detected alerts

Benefits of the Ansible Collection for Sensu Go

Sensu Go and Ansible Automation Platform allow teams to ship more changes, faster, with greater confidence. The Sensu Go and Ansible Automation Platform integration significantly reduces alert fatigue and allows teams to:

  • Reuse existing Ansible know-how and automation strategies

  • Enjoy full end-user support, offered by Sensu, Inc.

  • Trust that the solution is compliant with supported versions of Sensu Go and Ansible

  • Follow Ansible and Red Hat best practices with the Ansible Collection for Sensu Go

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Sensu is a Certified Ansible Automation Partner

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New to Sensu? In this interactive tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of Sensu Go and monitor a web server. Learn Sensu Go in 15 minutes.

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In this webinar, Sensu CEO and co-founder Caleb Hailey goes over the latest features in Sensu Go, breaking down the differences between Sensu 1.x and Sensu Go.

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