Ansible and HPE

HPE OneView is the foundation of software-defined infrastructure. Designed for the way people work, HPE OneView simplifies today’s complex IT infrastructure. Through software-defined intelligence, HPE OneView takes a template-driven approach for deploying, provisioning, updating, and integrating compute, storage, and networking infrastructure. 

Designed with a modern, standards-based API, HPE OneView also helps users develop applications faster through integrations with a broad ecosystem of third-party management services and tools.


HPE with the Ansible Automation Platform

HPE and Red Hat have partnered to deliver an automation solution that frees admins up to focus on efforts that help deliver more value to the business by speeding time to delivery for IT requests.

HPE OneView automates infrastructure lifecycle management, from deployment to updates.  Through the open API integration with our partners such as Red Hat, admins can link HPE OneView into today’s popular automation tool sets.

Ansible by Red Hat helps orchestrate the application lifecycle, from deployment to configuration, to workflow optimization. So while HPE OneView automates the hardware, Ansible automates the applications. Together, this provides a powerful and complete automation solution.


Solution Benefits

Transform to software-defined infrastructure

  • Deploy infrastructure faster
  • Simplify lifecycle operations
  • Increase productivity

Compose for any workload

  • Use infrastructure-like code
  • Automate and increase agility
  • Enable predictability and compliance

Connect from core to cloud

  • Provision turnkey private cloud infrastructure
  • Integrate with automation platforms 
  • Deliver projects and outcomes faster


Getting Started:

Looking to learn more about the HPE Certified Content Collection? Here are some great resources to get you started:

Get Started

Explore the Community Ansible Collection for HPE OneView

Download the Supported Ansible Collection for HPE OneView from Automation Hub (Ansible subscription required)

Contact us for an infrastructure automation demo.


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