Ansible and Infinidat

Automating Infinidat storage with Ansible

To increase business velocity, large enterprises are moving toward automation for all aspects of their IT infrastructure, and data storage is no exception. As part of a comprehensive suite of host integrations, Infinidat’s native Ansible collections make it simple to manage InfiniBox™ file and block storage in Ansible environments.

Infinidat Ansible collections provide simple management tools for the following InfiniBox entities:

  • Storage pools
  • Volumes
  • Filesystems
  • NFS exports
  • Host records

These Ansible collections have been designed and validated by Infinidat to deliver reliable integration. They are used internally to manage hundreds of petabytes of storage in Infinidat test labs and externally with Infinidat customers every day.


Solution benefits

  • Ansible seamlessly unites workflow orchestration with configuration management, provisioning, and application deployment in one easy-to-use and deploy platform

  • Infinidat Ansible collections provide a fast, easy to use solution to deploy and manage InfiniBox storage - both block and file - in Ansible environments

  • Infinidat Ansible collections are designed specifically for Infinidat storage - no custom coding or modifications required for basic use cases

  • Infinidat Ansible collections are built with standard InfiniSDK libraries, enabling easy extensibility for advanced workflows

  • Ansible deployments using Infinidat content reduces personnel costs for deployment and ongoing management of Infinidat storage

  • Infinidat is a Red Hat Ansible Certified Content partner providing trusted and tested integration content for Ansible Automation Platform.  


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