Ansible and PURE STORAGE


Managing storage configurations at large scales is tedious, slow and error-prone. Traditional configuration management methods cause system inconsistencies and inefficiencies, increasing complexity and associated cost. 

Pure Storage enables customers to optimize storage management by driving consistency and repeatability using Ansible for automation.


The Solution

Pure Storage Ansible modules support the following features to help you configure FlashArray and FlashBlade systems. These have been created and validated by Pure Storage, and native to Ansible.

    • Volumes: Create, extend, clone and delete volumes. 
    • Hosts: Create and delete host objects. 
    • Hostgroups: Create an empty hostgroup, or one with hosts and volumes already connected.
    • Protection Groups: Create a protection group and snapshot its contents
    • Snapshots: Create volume snapshots, create a read/write volume from an existing snapshot and delete specific snapshots.
    • File Systems: Create and manage NFS and SMB-based filesystems on FlashBlade and FlashArray
    • Object Store: Create and manage S3 accounts, users and buckets
    • Directory Service: Configure Active Directory or LDAP settings in FlashArray
    • Replication: Support for all FlashArray and FlashBlade capabilities

Checkout documentation for Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade modules (Red Hat account required).

Solution Benefits

  • With the Pure Storage Ansible modules, you can configure arrays directly from your Ansible playbooks without the need to use an intermediary module to act as a proxy. 
  • Reduce system inconsistencies and cost by optimizing storage management at scale with a simple, consistent and reliable automation tool.
  • Manage multiple FlashArray systems in a single playbook as needed.
  • Keep sensitive data in encrypted files with use of Vault supported for both the API token and array IP address 
  • Maintain a good audit trail with the ability to use API tokens to create an Ansible user.

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Pure Storage is a Certified Ansible Automation Partner

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