Ansible and STACKI

Complete Automation with Ansible and Stacki

When setting up new application clusters, you want to automate as much as you can and as quickly as you can. Ansible and Red Hat® Ansible® Tower automates configuration management and application deployment for you, but why start there? You can take your automation a step lower on the stack by using Stacki to provision your bare metal servers.

With Stacki, users are able to rapidly build and operate data center infrastructure for any need, from individual servers to interconnected clusters. Stacki does this at scale, so deploying 1000+ servers is no more complex than deploying one. Ansible integrates seamlessly with Stacki providing a complete full stack automation solution for all of your data center needs.


Easy, Consistent, Repeatable

Ansible and Stacki complement each other perfectly. Stacki begins by installing the hardware and base operating system. Stacki then can either install Ansible, install Red Hat Ansible Tower, or call jobs from an existing Ansible Tower server, to provide complete end-to-end application provisioning. The merged toolset offers everything required to take your servers from bare metal to completely configured running applications. Pairing Stacki and Ansible together enables you to provision your application infrastructure from the ground up--again and again with the same ease and consistency each time.


For organizations that need a more customized infrastructure, Ansible and Stacki can be configured to work more closely together by creating a Cart that tells Stacki how to set up a machine for Ansible.

With Stacki Enterprise, customers can use a Stacki Pallet to install and configure Ansible Tower on a control machine. Ansible Tower can then run Playbooks retrieved via SCM endpoints, or Roles via Ansible Galaxy.

DevOps of Operations

Operations needs to keep up with the requirements of business, respond to market events, and deliver a stable platform from which the business can run smoothly. Whether you’re deploying cloud, big data, or Linux clusters, Stacki and Ansible make it simple and easy to build a robust, production-grade, fully-automated data center. From configuring a RAID card to setting database information in the application, Stacki with Ansible will automate the process and allow operations to focus on the next big business goal.


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