Ansible and A10 NETWORKS

The Rise of Security Automation

Automation, automation and automation. Security automation for security tools is the only way to rapidly respond to security incidents and dynamic networking events. With the Ansible centralized tower, it delivers composite services into IT environment. Ansible modules and playbooks help empower IT DevSecOps to decentralize the workloads and eliminate tedious networking tasks.

A10 and Ansible

A10 has spent time working with Ansible and building playbooks. Customers ask us daily about automation, ranging from Cisco ACI SDN, to the VMware ecosystem, Salt and others.

A10 developed Ansible into the A10 Networks ACOS system. For one project, offering Ansible empowered a telco customer to move forward with ACOS and protect its future investments. A10’s functions are available to developers as an API and as RESTful APIs.

For DevOps and network teams, solutions like Ansible Tower, JSON and more enable someone with a moderate level of understanding to actually perform the automation. Red Hat has pushed towards developers the idea that it has to be very structured – with full documentation and examples of what comprises a playbook. Essentially, it has helped make the playbook easy for anybody to configure.

It’s now simple to share the playbooks in the community. Anyone can write the modules – it’s all open source. Check out A10’s work in Ansible by visiting the GitHub community for common Ansible modules and use cases including:

  • Automating A10 ADC load balancing
  • Automating network configuration and rollback procedure
  • Automating HTTP and HTTPs application deployment
  • Automating network Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) Mitigation
  • Automating software provisioning for Telcos and service providers

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