Ansible and Avi Networks


Avi Networks delivers an elastic application services fabric that is architected on software-defined, analytics-driven, infrastructure-independent principles. The elastic application services delivered by Avi go beyond load balancing to include application analytics, multi-cloud traffic management, predictive autoscaling, security, and container services for bare metal, VM, public cloud, containers, and PaaS environments. Fortune 500 companies use Avi Networks to deliver automated application services, enable self-service, accelerate deployment and troubleshooting, and lower TCO.

Automated Application Provisioning

Built on 100% REST APIs, Avi Networks extends the automation objectives that customers derive from an Ansible deployment. The application services fabric from Avi Networks automatically program the underlying cloud and network infrastructure so customers can simply, efficiently, and accurately automate deployment, provisioning, and management of their applications.

Continuous Delivery

The Ansible modules from Avi Networks enables application teams achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) objectives by enabling:
  • App teams to define application state that can be automatically implemented without requiring manual configurations and customizations during application deployment
  • Seamless migration from a sandbox or a dev/test environment to production by migrating these application profiles and states automatically
  • Define-once-and-deploy applications across multiple cloud environments, eliminating the need for customizations per environment and enabling operational efficiency
  • Repeatability of app deployment processes

Application Monitoring and Auditing

Leveraging the strategic placement in the data path, Avi Networks provides real-time visibility into application deployment and performance. This enables app teams with a comprehensive information such as:
  • The timing of apps or app updates that were implemented
  • Success and failure history of these deployments


The Avi-Ansible solution enables app teams in achieving CI/CD objectives with:

  • Efficient, repeatable, and automated app provisioning
  • Multi-cloud app deployment without customizations per environment
  • Granular visibility into app implementation and performance


Red Hat Ansible Tower allows us to easily streamline the delivery of applications and services to both OpenStack and Amazon Clouds in a cost effective, simple, and secure manner.

Edward Sharp
Chief Strategy Officer, Avi Networks

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