Ansible and Cumulus

Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Linux is the first native Linux network operating system (NOS) for industry-standard bare metal networking switches. Cumulus Linux is a Debian-based distribution and offers the full Linux experience on networking hardware.

Integrated Solution

Customers have long seen the benefits of automation for their compute workloads and applications. With automation and orchestration via Ansible and Red Hat® Ansible® Tower combined with zero touch provisioning from Cumulus Linux, you can quickly provision and configure switches, reliably automate repetitive tasks, enable continuous deployment of critical applications, and scale out your infrastructure from tens to thousands of switches or more.

  • Cumulus Linux exposes IT automation as native Linux, expanding the capabilities of Ansible

  • Cumulus Networks Linux NOS can be wholly configured with the same Ansible playbooks organizations are using on other systems

  • Red Hat Ansible Tower combines an easy-to-use UI with a RESTful API, enabling the entire admin team via one consistent interface

  • Integration of Red Hat Ansible Tower and Cumulus Linux brings the benefits and cost savings of automation and orchestration to networking infrastructures, allowing for the scaling and management of the data center as a whole

Solution Benefits

The combined Ansible Tower and Cumulus Linux solution provides:

  • SPEED & ACCURACY - Comprehensive automation for systems, networks, and applications, which speeds deployments and eliminates errors, increasing reliability

  • UBIQUITY - An environment where Ansible treats Cumulus Linux-powered hardware as just another server

  • SIMPLICITY - An easy management framework that doesn’t require learning a programming language

  • KNOWLEDGE - A single point of management for both compute and network infrastructures

  • CONTROL - Powerful support for role-based and team-based access to management


Get Started

Explore list of network modules for Cumulus in Ansible Docs.

Contact us for a network automation demo.

The integration of Red Hat Ansible Tower and Cumulus Linux brings the benefits and cost savings of automation and orchestration to networking infrastructure, allowing for the scaling and management of the data center as a whole.



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