Ansible and ExtReme Networks

Extreme Networks

Networks are complex, and between connecting to high-powered, agile data centers, spinning up a cloud deployment and ensuring constant connectivity for the automated campus – all while keeping costs down – networking teams are feeling the pressure. By implementing automation tools and practices, networks can better withstand modern workloads, provide a new level agility and speed, and cut costs.

Integrated solution

The Extreme Networks Ansible modules let network administrators configure and maintain Extreme Networks devices running EXOS, SLX-OS, NOS, VOSS and IronWare.

You can manage configuration sections idempotently, gather network facts, run commands, and use intent-based configuration management.

Extreme Networks Ansible modules communicate securely using CLI over SSH and RESTCONF over HTTPS.

Solution benefits:

The combined Ansible and Extreme Networks solution provides:

  • Simplicity: No additional switch configuration, no additional libraries required
  • Reliability: improved consistency of configuration, ensuring successful changes
  • Control: Complete configuration control, with smart decision making in your playbooks
  • Security: Ensure continuous compliance with security policies


Get Started

Explore network modules for Extreme Networks in Ansible Docs:

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