Ansible and Huawei

Huawei CloudFabric Open Ecosystem

Huawei CloudFabric open ecosystem allows cloud platforms, management tools, and network devices from different vendors to interconnect, and facilitates the integrated deployment of data center network solutions while improving their maturity. The network automation platform provided by Ansible implements simple, efficient, and plug-in free network management that is similar to application management. The integrated deployment of Huawei CloudFabric solution and Ansible implements more secure, efficient, and reliable automatic O&M and management.

Integrated Solution

As one of the core components of the CloudFabric solution, Huawei CloudEngine switches provide the CloudEngine-Ansible network module through cooperation with the Ansible open source community. When the network module is applied on the Ansible platform, the NETCONF or CLI can be used to automatically deploy and configure CloudEngine series switches, enabling the network management team to perform O&M more easily and efficiently. The open-source network module of CloudEngine series switches automatically queries statuses and provides comprehensive network features, including basic features such as AAA and SNMP, and L2 and L3 features such as VLAN, VXLAN, BGP, EVPN, and ACL. This improves deployment efficiency and reduces the configuration error rate.

Solution Benefits

The combined Ansible and Huawei solution provides:

  • Unified configuration and management of network and IT resources, reducing costs

  • Extensive automated network features, improving configuration efficiency and reducing the error rate

  • Lightweight and client-free Ansible platform, facilitating management and use


Through full decoupling, Ansible enables unified management of ICT resources, implementing more simple, efficient, and secure automation of data centers.

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