Ansible and NOKIA


Customers demand agile network infrastructure and higher cooperation across domains to react faster for ever changing business needs. Nokia offers end to end operations agility by combination of automation and DevOps practices which span over domains – Nokia SR OS for traditional IT infrastructure and Nokia NetAct for mobile networks.


The Nokia SR OS is supported across the entire Nokia routing portfolio, spanning network access and aggregation, metro and service edge, and the core. Using a single operating system across all IP platforms provides clear benefits for network operations teams by providing consistent and reliable operations, and further opens the door to network automation with Ansible. 

The combination of Ansible and Nokia’s automation and orchestration tools bring together the knowledge and expertise of experienced IT solutions developers, operators, and administrators across organizations.

The joint solution addresses the most common applications of automation and orchestration in the management and provisioning of IT resources, including:

  • Configuration automation

  • Test-driven networking

  • Continuous compliance

The joint solution includes Ansible modules developed specifically for Nokia SR OS.


The Nokia NetAct gives the consolidated view and uniform set of tools to manage radio and core mobile networks. NetAct Configurator comes with optimized tools for simplified, mass configuration management of tens of thousands of elements in the network. Together with Ansible, NetAct Configurator automation capabilities enable usage of well know IT service DevOps methods in mobile network configuration management.


Exposing sophisticated NetAct Configurator capabilities through Ansible merges the IT world and the Telco networks world. By bringing the knowledge and expertise of experienced IT solutions developers, the telco operators, and product administrators together, we can showcase configuration management automation with NetAct.

The joint solution leverages NetAct Configuration Management Command Line Interface (CLI) and addresses the common automation and orchestration use cases in managing telecommunications networks, including:

  • Network Elements instantiation

  • Configuration automation

  • Parameters consistency compliance


The joint solution includes Ansible modules developed specifically for Nokia NetAct.


The Ansible module for Nokia NetAct integrates mobile network management with the IT domain. Through open-source tools, such as Ansible, it is possible to minimize the engineering costs and to reduce the time and effort spent in design, provisioning and management of telecommunications networks:

  • Knowledge: Nokia NetAct acts as a gateway towards telecommunications networks for IT departments. Network operations centers get powerful Ansible IT tool for programmable operations.
  • Powerful: End-to-end automation of network configuration and parameter consistency with NetAct CM Command Line Interface.
  • Easy: Nokia NetAct CM modules ship with the Ansible distribution. They can be applied on top of existing NetAct managing mobile network.
  • Security: Nokia NetAct is a one-stop shop – mobile network management is performed over secure protocols with user authentication, permission checking, and logging of user actions.


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