Security Automation with Ansible

Securing an enterprise from the growing number of threats is a matter of the highest priority. A well-timed and duplicitous attack on a business can have far-reaching consequences, such loss of productivity, damage to reputation and huge fines. 

Enterprise companies have a vast and complex set of cybersecurity defenses in place; managed by multiple security operations teams spread across different business units and geographies. A great deal of effort is put into securing an enterprise organization. Yet, despite the high level of diligence and preparation, security teams are faced with an increasing number of threats and struggle to protect modern vast multi-vendor infrastructures.

A contributing factor is that security organizations still lack a common framework and a common language that they can use to share designs, processes and ideas.

The right automation tool can help security teams to address new complexities and manage tasks at scale across the following practices:

  • Response & Remediation
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Compliance


Security Automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Ansible provides a more efficient, streamlined way to automate security practices, using Ansible to “stitch together” all the different tools used as part of those activities. The integrations part of the Ansible security automation initiative, allow security professionals to:

  • Standardize security tasks: streamlining the actions taken on a similar group of devices or technologies.
  • Automate security processes: creating workflows which help support end-to-end security activities and to programmatically operate across the security tools with minimal manual intervention.
  • Integrate the security and IT portfolios: providing a more consistent and stable way to interoperate a wide variety of security and IT technologies in place in an enterprise infrastructure, assigning roles and responsibilities to different groups as part of an integrated process.

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