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Help partners develop, maintain and certify Ansible Content Collections 

XLAB Steampunk offers development and support services for Red Hat partners looking to publish Ansible Certified Content Collections in the Ansible Automation Hub.

XLAB Steampunk works closely with the Ansible team to align the implementation, quality, and support paths of proposed integrations. Experts from XLAB Steampunk design and develop Ansible collections that are user-centered and adhere to Red Hat’s best practices. XLAB Steampunk also offers services to ecosystem partners to maintain and provide long-term support for this Ansible content, per the Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification Program.

Solution benefits

Partnering with XLAB Steampunk provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Project consulting. Trust XLAB Steampunk to help determine how to minimize the pressure on your resources and improve time-to-market. 

  • Design and development of Ansible collections. Count on expert, quality engineering to ensure your products work with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

  • Solution support and maintenance. Rely on XLAB Steampunk to keep Ansible Content Collections useful, relevant and supported.

  • Certification of Ansible collections. XLAB Steampunk guides you through the process of Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification program to become a certified Ansible Automation partner.

XLAB Steampunk and Red Hat Collaboration

XLAB Steampunk has worked with Red Hat since 2016 and specializes in extending Red Hat automation and management products. It actively contributes to open source projects that are the basis for Red Hat products, such as Ansible and ManageIQ. The team has developed and maintains the certified Ansible Content Collection for Sensu. XLAB Steampunk’s ongoing collaboration with Red Hat, its partners, and open-source communities  demonstrates their technical know-how and makes them a reliable partner.

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