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H Achieve Reliable Automation: Ansible and XLAB Steampunk 

XLAB Steampunk is a specialist in IT automation with Ansible and a leading expert in building Red Hat Certified Ansible Collections.  XLAB Steampunk is also a provider of an Ansible Playbook scanning tool that helps users write reliable playbooks in addition to offering full-scale solutions to support businesses on their path to automation.   

Steampunk Spotter: Ansible Playbook Scanning Tool 

Steampunk Spotter analyzes and enhances Ansible Playbooks to help users reduce risk, save time, and optimize automation. Spotter scans playbooks to identify hard-to-catch and time-consuming errors then fixes them automatically. Spotter can help teams follow automation best practices by making recommendations for improvements, simplifying Ansible upgrades, adding extra security to playbooks, and providing an intuitive reporting feature for scanning data, spotting trends, and monitoring progress. For more information on how to get started with Spotter, click here.

Automation deployment: Speed up time to market

In addition to providing the Steampunk Spotter playbook scanning tool, XLAB Steampunk offers complete Ansible automation rollout services including consulting, deployment, support and trainings. These services are designed to help businesses enhance security, accelerate growth and rapidly react to market demands, decrease costs and confidently use Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. The team specializes in transforming business processes into automated workflows supported by unified IT automation in the areas of security, system infrastructure, OS management, networking and cloud. 

Red Hat Certified Ansible Collections: Speed up your product adoption 

XLAB Steampunk has the skills to integrate and support partner products, providing unified management solutions that help Red Hat partners attract more customers. Specialists from XLAB Steampunk design, develop, and maintain high-quality Ansible Collections for software vendors, while also offering ongoing enterprise-grade support.  

XLAB Steampunk collaborates closely with the Ansible product team when developing high-quality Ansible integrations. As a member of Ansible Automation Certification program, they also are able to guide companies through the process of becoming a certified Ansible Automation partner. 

Ansible Collections developed and maintained by XLAB Steampunk meet Red Hat quality standards and include Red Hat Certified Collections for ServiceNow, Sensu Go, SAP, Terraform and Scale Computing, as well as collections for Canonical and NGINX Unit. 

Endorsed Red Hat partner since 2016  

As a Red Hat Advanced Business Partner, Technology Partner and an Ansible Automation Certified Partner, XLAB Steampunk has a deep knowledge of Ansible, and has been actively contributing to Ansible open-source projects and ManageIQ since 2016. The close relationship with Red Hat, its partners and the open-source communities makes XLAB Steampunk a reliable partner with extensive expertise.  

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