Introducing Automation in CI Infrastructure


During this session I would like to present our journey of implementing Ansible as automation in CI build environment.

I would start presentation with description of state before having automation and what problems we experienced during that time both technical and communication and what impact on team they had. 

After that, I would briefly describe tendencies and failed attempts to create automation which I have observed in team. 

Finally, it will be time to talk about implementation of Ansible. 

I want to describe what assumptions we made to successfully get whole team onboard and what factors influenced the choice of Ansible as an automation tool.

Few words about modest beginnings just to give example that you can make big revolution doing small steps simply by being consistent in actions.

Implementing automation solved some problems but also introduced few more and as every team which started to work collaboratively on code we encountered some cultural and quality problems.

After that I would like to show in numbers our progress on ansible between "1st commit" and now.

As a continuation of describing current state I want to show high level overview of different products that we are using in our environment which ansible is interacting with like Zabbix, VMware ESXi, MS Hyper-V, HP iLO, Windows and Linux OS as a simple graphic with brief description of each interaction.

At the end of presentation, I would like show benefits of changing the way of work from both team and organization perspective.

Slides here



Michael Tyminski, Intel Corporation