Leveraging Ansible Security Automation Capabilities to Automate CyberArk Security Workflows


How much more efficient and secure would it be if following an incident or detection of a suspicious activity, the appropriate passwords could be automatically changed on the system where the incident happened? Or what about even automatically removing access, or forcing reauthentication, for a specific user after detecting certain suspicious activity associated with the user.

In this session learn how Ansible Security Automation together with CyberArk can help you make these scenarios become reality. With privileged credentials being most sought after by attackers and CyberArk solutions widely deployed across organizations, including over half the Fortune 500, to manage privileged accounts for both human and applications, we’re in an ideal position to address these questions. We’ll demo our integration with Ansible Security Automation tools and show how security workflows can be automated. You’ll leave the session with specific ideas and example use cases for how you can leverage both Ansible Security Automation capabilities and CyberArk solutions to automate security capabilities in your organization.

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Brandon Traffanstedt, CyberArk