Kudelski Group: Network CI/CD Using Ansible and GitLab


We're using a mix of Ansible and GitLab to deploy and manage the life-cycle of our datacenter's network infrastructure. Bootstrapping a new datacenter can be done 100% using DevOps tools without manual intervention on the hardware, it greatly improved the time-to-production, the overall stability and the quality or the infrastructure.

With "Infrastructure as Code" we can now easily do audits or do reviews based on the code the we produce, and as everything is versioned inside git it has never been so easy to track or roll-back changes. With GitLab each commit is first validated through our CI/CD pipeline to ensure that our Ansible code can be compiled, then we go trough the usual merge-request process before applying code in production, gitlab automates the whole Ansible deployment.

In this presentation I'd like to show the whole ecosystem that we put in place and how we're working with it on a daily basis.




Romain Aviolat, Cloud Infrastructure Expert, Kudelski Group