Network devices don’t have to be treated like pets. Most devices have very similar configurations that have only minor differences between them that can be abstracted and managed elsewhere dynamically.

Use Ansible’s simple, powerful, and agentless automation framework to organize and integrate multi-vendor configurations. Whether you are starting from scratch or managing an existing network, Ansible is flexible enough to automate as little or as much as you need.

Ansible has quickly become one of the most important tools in the network operating tool belt...tasks that use to take significant time are automated quickly with a very low learning curve.

Dave Thelen
Extensibility Engineer



  • Collect device running configurations

  • Generate reports on vendor-specific specs and attributes

  • Choose your CMDB for inventory source



  • Integrate heterogenous platforms and devices

  • Leverage built-in Ansible networking modules

  • Reuse existing tasks and Playbooks



  • Utilize virtual instances for testing

  • Integrate CI/CD and DevOps

  • Test and validate in "check" mode



Use Case Demo

This demo shows how to use Ansible for network configuration automation.



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