Installing and configuring network infrastructure is only part of the production life cycle with Ansible. Runtime activities like change management, validation and maintenance are important pieces to keeping a network running as expected.

Turn over the mundane, day-to-day network production tasks to Ansible so you can focus on solving new network engineering problems. Use Ansible to achieve a steady state of operations in the network infrastructure with automated test-driven deployments.

Increasing network complexity and a rapidly expanding threat landscape is driving the need for flexible tools that enable organizations to automate their security and network operations to suit their individual needs.

John Maddison
Sr VP of Products and Solutions



  • Get accurate and predictable deployments

  • Make incremental or wholesale changes

  • Leverage an SCM like GitHub



  • Use golden master Playbooks

  • Compare with current running configurations

  • Verify operational status



  • Manage configuration drift

  • Enable safeties and checks in test

  • Provide feedback for distributed teams



Use Case Demo

This demo shows how to use Ansible for test-driven deployment.



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