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Ansible Transforms IT Automation with Global Partner Program

Posted by Ansible on August 18, 2015
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Technology and services partnerships will drive complimentary automation capabilities and solutions for continuous application innovation and the software defined data center

DURHAM, NC – August 18, 2015 - Ansible, Inc., the leading provider of simple, yet powerful IT automation for the enterprise, today announced the Ansible Partner Program designed to help enterprises more efficiently and effectively manage their infrastructure. Ansible’s simple automation language and enterprise-class automation tools help make the promise of DevOps a reality for organizations across a variety of industries. The program will be available to companies in both North America and Europe.

Ansible’s Partner Program is designed to grow the Ansible ecosystem and enable a more dynamic application lifecycle and drive continuous innovation. Ansible’s partner program illustrates its differentiation within automation software and it’s unique agentless and simple YAML approach, which appeals to a much broader group, from system administrators to network and storage engineers to developers to managers.

According to Gartner, DevOps tools will be a $2.3 billion market in 2015, up 21.1 percent from $1.9 billion in 2014. However, current DevOps solutions remain mired in complexity, requiring advanced proficiency in programming language in order to operate. Ansible’s approach differs greatly from competing solutions in that it does not require any special coding skills or an ability to execute tasks in order. Ansible’s simplicity helps its users adopt DevOps practices across a diverse group of technology and service providers, enables organizations to speed up software delivery and get to market faster.

Partner participants include:

  • Services partners: Consulting partners focused on DevOps projects, including innovative and transformative applications, networking and software-defined infrastructures that leverage Ansible Tower to help implement continuous development and integration methodologies, and manage and automate their application-centric infrastructure.
  • Cloud consulting partners: Premier AWS consulting and other cloud services providers that are helping organizations move to the cloud as well as manage and automate their public cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Ansible works with these partners to ensure Ansible core and Ansible Tower integrate seamlessly with their cloud resources.
  • Technology partners: With networking, data center and complimentary technology providers and ISVs, Ansible provides resources and assistance to develop Ansible modules and Ansible Tower API integration to support configuration, deployment, automation and orchestration requirements among joint customers and partners. 

“Since launching our beta partner program in June, we’ve received nearly one partner application per day,” said John Ryan, head of channels and business development, Ansible. “Many of OpenStack’s customers use Ansible’s core open source technology, but are eager to have more interoperability and support with Ansible and Ansible Tower. By establishing a formal partner program, we provide all parties involved with the ability to develop joint go-to-market initiatives and benefit from a higher degree of visibility into the Ansible ecosystem.” 

Ansible receives more than 250,000 downloads per month of its open source automation software on GitHub, has more than 1,000 unique Ansible contributors and more than 12,000 subscribers to its Ansible Galaxy content and collaboration hub. As the only automation engine that can automate the entire application lifecycle and continuous delivery pipeline, Ansible will arm its with access to its entire community of developers and users.

Apply to the Ansible Partner Program by visiting the Ansible website. Future program initiatives will include Ansible training, testing and credentialing. 

Supporting Quotes:

"As a Cisco Solution Partner, Ansible enables the open source community to build technology integration that spans Cisco Nexus® series switches, the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) and the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC EM),” said Phil Casini, Director Product Management, Cisco. “Ansible’s automation language and enterprise-class automation tools can help to simplify management and configuration automation for our joint customers."

“We are excited to partner with Ansible as we are a strong proponent of the technology and leverage it across our continuous development and integration environment. We look forward to collaborating with Ansible to deliver quality-driven automation throughout the software lifecycle,” said Michael Masterson, Director of Strategic Business Development, Dynatrace. 

"Flux7 uses a unique blend of services and products to provide high-quality cloud infrastructure for our clients. As a simple, yet powerful automation platform, we look forward to adding Ansible Tower as part of our solutions. Its complementary capabilities and support will help us build self-healing, scalable and stable environments that meet our clients' needs," said Ali Hussain, CTO and co-founder, Flux7.

“OnX Enterprise Solutions is a leader in next-generation data center and cloud services, including OpenStack. We are excited about our partnership with Ansible, the OpenStack automation leader, to provide simple yet powerful private and public cloud solutions to our clients,” said Steve Lankard, CTO and VP of Business Alliances at OnX Enterprise Solutions. 

“At Slalom we are constantly asked to solve our customers’ most impactful and challenging technology problems, especially around implementing DevOps,” said Bradley Clerkin, DevOps practice lead, Slalom. “At the core of almost all of our custom software and product development efforts is an automation pipeline, in which Ansible and Ansible Tower have become critical components. DevOps teams today require tools that can handle even the most complex automation challenges, which Ansible does with its powerful platform while also remaining simple for a variety of teams to use and understand.”

“By establishing an alliance with Ansible, Smile combines our technology and DevOps experience with Ansible’s simple, yet powerful IT automation solution to deliver client value not found elsewhere in France today,” said Badr Chentouf, Director General, Open Source Solutions for Smile, France’s largest Open Source integrator. 

"VMware is excited to welcome Ansible as a Partner in the VMware Partner Network." said Toni Adams, VP - Partner and Alliance Marketing, VMware.  "Ansible and VMware recently jointly developed Ansible modules that enables integration with vCloud Air and vCloud Director.  This is exciting for VMware, our partners and mutual clients."

“World Wide Technology is a leading services provider and reseller of Cisco, f5, VMware and other network and IT infrastructure companies,” said Bob Olwig, vice president of Business Development and Innovation at WWT. “We recently established innovative micro solutions around Ansible Tower within our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) that showcase our ability to deliver services to configure, deploy and automate solutions from Cisco and other leading networking solution providers for which Ansible has technology integration partnerships. These capabilities are another example of WWT’s commitment to providing innovative IT infrastructure services and solutions to our global customer base.”

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