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Red Hat Releases Ansible Tower 2.4

Posted by Dan London on November 18, 2015
Dan London
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New release from Red Hat's Ansible team delivers authentication options for enterprise customers and government organizations

RALEIGH, N.C. - November 18, 2015 - Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the release of Ansible Tower 2.4. Ansible Tower 2.4 helps DevOps teams manage systems and optimize deployments by adding control, security and delegation capabilities to the simple, agentless, and powerful Ansible open source automation tool.

Key new features in Ansible Tower 2.4 include:

OAuth authentication via GitHub and Google: Many organizations use external providers for handling their identity and authentication. Ansible Tower 2.4 adds support for pulling users and teams from either GitHub or Google Apps, using OAuth2. With this support, Ansible Tower can pull from the providers that organizations already have in place, avoiding user or group duplication.

Enterprise authentication support for SAML 2.0 and RADIUS: Ansible Tower 2.4 extends existing LDAP/AD enterprise authentication support by adding SAML 2.0 for both identity and authorization management, and also RADIUS for authentication. With these features, it is easy to integrate Ansible Tower with the authentication mechanisms and features (such as two-factor authentication) that enterprises already have in place.

Configurable Session Limits and Timeouts: Many enterprises have specific security requirements, such as enabling a user to only log into Ansible Tower from one computer at a time. Ansible Tower 2.4 can now be configured not just for session time (with auto-logout), but also to limit users to a specific number of active sessions at any time. If security needs require that a user only have one active session, Ansible Tower 2.4 can invalidate any session the user may have active elsewhere when the user logs in via a new computer.

Custom Branding: Ansible Tower administrators can now customize the Ansible Tower login logo, as well as add custom login messages and banners that provide detailed information about the systems being accessed. 

Ansible Tower 2.4 is the first release since Red Hat acquired Ansible in October 2015. With the addition of Ansible, Red Hat's robust open hybrid cloud and IT management portfolio now includes:

Red Hat CloudForms, an open management platform that provides orchestration, governance and policy-based control across hybrid clouds enabling self-service provisioning, and resource management as well as quota enforcement, metering and chargeback.

Red Hat Satellite, a comprehensive lifecycle management solution with integrated infrastructure provisioning, software distribution, patch management and auditing capabilities.

Ansible and Ansible Tower, an IT automation and DevOps platform that provides significantly simplified multi-tier application deployment and IT automation across hybrid clouds.


Ansible Tower 2.4 is now generally available for a free 30-day trial via Vagrant, Amazon EC2, or download for on-premise or cloud installation. You can learn more about Ansible Tower and download a trial of Ansible Tower at

Ansible Tower is available via subscription tiers suitable for everyone from small companies to full-scale, mission-critical enterprise DevOps teams. For pricing, visit

AnsibleFest San Francisco 2015

On Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, Red Hat's Ansible team is hosting AnsibleFest, a sold out, day-long conference in San Francisco, bringing together hundreds of Ansible users, developers and industry partners to share best-practices, case studies and Ansible news. Learn more about AnsibleFest at

Supporting Quote

Tim Cramer, head of Ansible engineering, Red Hat 

“Adopted by Fortune 100 companies and government organizations worldwide, Ansible Tower offers ease of integration across the board. The powerful identity management, authorization and session-related capabilities in Ansible Tower 2.4 – the Ansible team's first release since joining Red Hat last month - further enable IT organizations to simplify their IT management with simple, agentless, and powerful IT automation while keeping their environment’s security requirements.”


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