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Open source and collaboration are at the heart of the Ansible Community. Ansible Core, Ansible Galaxy, and AWX are created with contributions from an active community and built for the people who use it every day.

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Ansible Community Self-Paced Labs

These interactive learning scenarios provide you with a pre-configured Ansible environment to experiment, learn, and see how Ansible can help you solve real-world problems. The environment runs entirely in your browser at your convenience, enabling you to learn more about our technology at your pace and time.

Ansible Community - Creating your own Collection

Learn how to get started creating your own Ansible collection

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Ansible Community - Testing a Pull Request Locally

Learn how to test a pull request locally with Ansible.

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Ansible Community - Developing an Ansible Module

Learn how to develop an Ansible Module.

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Ansible Community - Fixing a Bug

Learn how to fix a bug in your Ansible code.

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Ansible Community - Adding Integration Tests to Ansible Collections

Learn how to add integration tests to your Ansible Collections

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We are working on new courses that will be made available as they are completed.

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Red Hat Skills Assessments take the guesswork out of the choosing the course that's right for you. Our Ansible Skills Assessment is designed to help you find the right Ansible course based on your interest and technical knowledge.

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* Based upon global, post-class survey of 9,583 students conducted September 1, 2015– February 29, 2016.