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Ansible Automation Platform Self-Paced Labs

These interactive learning scenarios provide you with a pre-configured Ansible Automation Platform environment to experiment, learn, and see how the platform can help you solve real-world problems. The environment runs entirely in your browser, enabling you to learn more about our technology at your pace and time.

Getting started with Automation controller

Automation controller, formerly known as Ansible Tower, allows users of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to define, operate, scale, and delegate automation across the enterprise.

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Getting started with ansible-navigator

The ansible-navigator utility is included in Ansible Automation Platform 2 and leverages your existing CLI knowledge while also introducing enhancements for containerized execution.

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Getting started with ansible-builder

The ansible-builder utility is a new command-line tool that creates consistent and reproducible Execution Environments for your Ansible Automation Platform needs.

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Network Automation - Backup and Restore

Learn how to perform network configurations and backups using Ansible Automation Platform.




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Getting started with automation mesh

Learn how to get started using automation mesh - a component of Ansible Automation Platform that is a multi-directional, multi-hopped overlay network of nodes delivering automation across constrained networks.


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We are working on new courses that will be made available as they are completed, so check back often.

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