Automation mesh

Automation mesh provides a simple, flexible and reliable way to scale automation of large inventories across diverse network topologies, platforms and teams.

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Automation mesh is a key component of Ansible Automation Platform that enables customers to automate at scale in a cloud-native way. It gives customers maximum flexibility in planning distributed, remote or otherwise complex automation deployments, along with visibility, control and reporting.

Automation mesh overview


With a flexible, bi-directional communication layer, automation mesh enhances an organization’s ability to truly operate at global scale.




With less sensitivity to latency and connection disruption with native peering capabilities, you can reach further with enhanced reliability than with any other automation platform on the market today.



With security features such as digital signing, TLS traffic encryption and additional access controls, you can rely on Ansible Automation Platform to expand the boundaries of what is possible for your entire enterprise IT estate.


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No. It replaces and enhances that functionality. Effectively replacing the need for SSH jump hosts and providing an additional relaying facility, for greater distributional global reach. 

A job gets sent to the instance with the most remaining capacity left in the first place. In the event of a tie-breaker situation, the first one in the instance list order wins.

You can define the Instance Groups to use at various levels including Inventory. By setting up your mesh so that it’ll route to the correct end locations, you can then assign the associated execution nodes to an Instance `Group.

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