Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform elevates automation across your organization, expanding your possibilities. It’s a more secure, flexible foundation to build and deploy automation that helps your business accelerate, orchestrate, and innovate.

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Adopting automation as a strategic differentiator requires a top-down strategy that includes investing in time, technology, and people. Make the most of that investment with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, which helps your organization accelerate IT value, orchestrate complex processes, and free more time to innovate. Scale automation across the enterprise with control and insight. Collaborate across teams, manage policy and governance, and empower multiple IT domains while speeding up development. Ansible Automation Platform delivers automation to unlock the potential of your teams and technology to power your business forward.


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Change is upon us. Automation can help.

The right automation strategy can help you save time, increase quality, improve employee satisfaction, and reduce costs throughout your organization.

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What's included in Ansible Automation Platform

Automation execution environments

Packaged as containers, automation execution environments (which replace Red Hat Ansible Engine) are defined, consistent, and portable environments for executing Ansible playbooks and roles.

Automation controller

The control plane for Ansible Automation Platform is the automation controller (replacing Red Hat Ansible Tower). It helps standardize how automation is deployed, initiated, delegated, and audited.

Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat Insights for Ansible Automation Platform helps architectects, operators, and administrators keep their automation running efficiently and optimally, pinpoint where specific jobs are failing, and report on projects across end-to-end infrastructure.

Automation Hub

Automation hub provides a place for customers to quickly find, use, and extend content supported by Red Hat and our technology partners, for additional reassurance for the most demanding environments.

Ansible content tools

Ansible Automation Platform now  includes new tools designed to help make building and deploying execution environments a more seamless creation experience.

Ansible Content Collections

Ansible Content Collections make it easier for Ansible content creators and developers to get up and running with the latest certified modules, requiring less work up front and letting teams automate with more speed and efficiency.

Automation services catalog

Automation services catalog is a means for users to manage, provision, and retire automation resources, for modeling and delivery made easy. It simultaneously gives enterprise and line of business automation users the governance they need to meet compliance and procurement requirements.

Ansible Automation Platform brings together the best of on-premise automation innovation while introducing hosted services that can be accessed alongside with other Red Hat cloud services on the hybrid cloud console. No matter where you are on your enterprise automation journey, Ansible Automation Platform is designed to help you achieve your automation goals.

Automate for velocity

Get started faster by combining the power of Ansible’s open source community and certified, prebuilt content collections of the most-used Ansible roles and modules. Codify your infrastructure and share across teams and individuals where you are already running deployments, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Automate for collaboration

Easily transfer your automation into multiple domains and across different use cases. Stakeholders from developer, operator, and line-of-business teams can now engage with Ansible Automation Platform in ways that work best for them and that make sense for their individual roles without slowing development time.

Automate for growth

Take automation further with analytics, policy and governance, and content management. Improve efficiency by solving problems once and sharing the results with everyone.

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