Automation services catalog

Enable self-service automation for business users and developers
while ensuring governance and compliance


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Control automation services from within the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Automation services catalog enables self-service automation for business users and developers, freeing up IT teams from manual, repetitive requests for systems access and other resources. Included with a subscription to Ansible Automation Platform, automation services catalog ensures business governance and compliance using approvals and role-based access control.



Extend automation to your users

Delegate resources and make automation available at a faster pace to the appropriate teams -- all while applying appropriate policy and governance.

Customize and control

Create multiple levels of approvals, and limit access to approved products and portfolios based on user role.

ANS catalog admin demo

Integrate with existing ITSM

Automation services catalog is complementary to leading ITSM platforms yet is far easier to configure and manage.

ANS catalog user demo

Bringing collaboration and scale to automation:

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Features and benefits

Create products with ease

Extend access to automation workflows that are customizable based on user role.


Organize with portfolios

Group products and easily apply role-based, tiered access policies.


Establish multi-level approvals

Use your corporate authentication directory to route approvals for each product or portfolio.

Connect your ITSM

Download automation services catalog and white-label the self-service options within your existing ITSM ticketing system.

Enable efficient operations

Retire unused, underutilized, or time-restricted products.


Leverage Ansible workflows

Built on and fully integrated with the industry’s leading IT automation solution.


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