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Provide lifecycle management, provisioning, retirement
and cataloging of automation resources to your business

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Control automation services from within the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

The automation services catalog is part of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, giving developers and business users access to the four areas where their automation lives - across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments. It simultaneously gives enterprise and line of business users the governance they need to meet compliance and procurement requirements around automation.



End users can request new automation projects in OpenShift, on a virtual machine, or on a physical server and receive that automation on-demand in a timely fashion. 

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Users overseeing execution of automation can delegate resources and make automation available at a faster pace to the appropriate teams -- all while applying policy and governance to these resources. 

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Call on the power of Ansible automation to control and manage environments and platforms and govern high-profile changes through the use of continuous delivery integrations. 

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Bringing collaboration and scale to automation:
A deep dive into the automation services catalog capabilities

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Features and benefits


View automation services available across Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, OpenShift Container Platform, development services and various infrastructure platforms.


Portfolio of products

Zoom into each portfolio further to find sub-products including web servers, databases, and application servers. 


Ordering a product

Request new automation projects with configuration details including: CPU limits, memory limits, and CPU requests.

Order of approval queue

See requested services orders ranked by date placed and order to be approved, and approval status.

Multi-level approval

Tier automation services requests between approvers in production support, operations, and finance divisions


Red Hat Middleware

Business governance within the automation services catalog is built on top of Red Hat’s award-winning Middleware Process Automation Manager running on OpenShift Dedicated


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