Innovation delivered in a matter of weeks

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs allows cross-functional teams and Red Hat leaders to collaboratively apply community-powered technology, grow expertise, and accelerate innovation. Modernize traditional applications, develop contemporary ones, and bridge the gap between the two.

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Jump-start modern application development

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is a time-boxed residency that helps customers jump-start modern application development. Ansible Roles and Playbooks automate the deployment and configuration of the hosting infrastructure, container platform, and collaboration tooling, and Ansible Automation Platform pulls it all together by managing the Roles and Playbooks. Within hours, customers design their modern application stack and begin developing — on public, private, or hybrid clouds.

John Allessio and Nick Hopman from Red Hat provide an overview of Red Hat Open Innovation Labs at OpenStack Summit 2016

Ansible + Open-Innovation Labs

Innovation realized

At the close of the engagement, you’ll have the skills, Ansible Playbooks, community-powered tools, and DevOps methodologies to drive and sustain innovation.


You’ll leave with a working prototype, a baseline infrastructure managed by Ansible Playbooks, and feature backlog to continue to build off of the foundation established during Labs.


You’ll gain hands-on experience through pair programming with Red Hat subject-matter experts and gain access to Red Hat Learning Subscription, which offers one year of unlimited and on-demand access to all Red Hat training courses.


Labs engagements use the principles of open source — open exchange, participation, rapid prototyping, meritocracy, and community — to allow innovation to thrive.

Get started

Use our push-button infrastructure and automated development environment.

Spend more time developing - from day one. Create your own, customized Open Innovation Lab technology stack powered by Ansible and Ansible Automation Platform. Save, share, and use as a springboard for your own app development.

How to use a push-button infrastructure in application development.

How to build and use an automated framework for container-based CI/CD.

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