Ansible Content Collections

Use packaged Ansible content to automate with speed and efficiency.

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Reuse code to automate faster

Use pre-packaged modules, roles, playbooks, and plug-ins to integrate and manage your systems and applications with Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform. 

A part of your Ansible Automation Platform subscription, Ansible Content Collections contain Red Hat Ansible Certified Content and Ansible validated content from Red Hat and more than 60 trusted industry-leading partners.


Discover Ansible Content Collections

Included with your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription.

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content

Easily integrate your automation with pre-built, fully supported, and certified automation content from Red Hat and our partners, including Arista, Aruba, CheckPoint, Cisco, CyberArk, Dynatrace, SAP,  ServiceNow, and many more.

Ansible validated content

Follow an expert-led approach for managing your platforms with Ansible validated content created by Red Hat and our trusted partners. 

You can share, reuse, and customize Ansible validated content for your unique environment

Frequently asked questions

An Ansible Content Collection, or “collection” for short, is a format for organizing content. It has a directory structure with complimentary tooling that includes multiple content types, modules, plug-ins, roles, and more—in a singular portable format.
A collection has a consistent format that allows content creators to ship bundles of modules, plug-ins, roles, and documentation together. The collections are tested to work with specific versions of Ansible Automation Platform. Collections are developed and released asynchronously from releases of Ansible Automation Platform—so you get more content, faster.  
Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections integrate into specific Red Hat and partner platforms. Validated content targets operations and is generally packaged per use case—and  sometimes for a specific use case on a specific platform.

While Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections focus on how to integrate with Red Hat and partner platforms (typically in the form of modules, roles, playbooks, plug ins, and/or documentation), Ansible validated content offers opinionated guidance for how to perform operations or tasks in Red Hat and partner platforms (typically in the form of roles or playbooks). Some validated content may build upon a Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collection to streamline the use of the collection.

  • You can access the list of fully supported Red Hat Ansible Certified Collections in Ansible automation hub in the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console or in this knowledge base article.
  • Beginning with the release of Ansible Automation Platform 2.3, you can access Ansible validated content directly through private automation hub. 

No, only Red Hat Ansible Certified Content is supported. 

Because Ansible validated content is customizable, it is not supported. However, it is curated and tested by Red Hat to work in production with Ansible Automation Platform. 

Community content that resides in is only supported by the community and is not tested to work in production with Ansible Automation Platform. 

The term "validated" in this case refers to content created either by Red Hat or in coordination with Red Hat so that we know it works and is from a trusted, reliable source. 
Ansible validated content is intended to help you jump-start your automation with a set of best practices. It has been tested to ensure it works, however, because it is customizable, it is difficult for Red Hat to control and support every scenario in our customers' downstream environments.

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Features and benefits

Automate faster

Accelerate your automation projects with trusted, consistent, pre-built integration content and expert-led guidance. Content creators can develop new collections without waiting for the next Ansible Automation Platform release

Share and reuse

Improve cross-team collaboration and ensure consistency and standardization by sharing Ansible Content Collections. Collections are also reusable, which means less manual repetition each time you deploy or update systems.


Tested and trusted

Ansible Content Collections are developed with input from Red Hat, making them more security-focused, reliable, and enterprise-ready than community content. Content signing reduces the chance of security risks.

Automating ServiceNow with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

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Learn more about Ansible validated content and how it differs from Red Hat Ansible Certified Content. 

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Ease your customers' integration with and use of automation in your products and platforms by developing and delivering Ansible content

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