Red Hat Ansible Engine

Easily and quickly deploy IT services, applications and environments, remove barriers between IT teams by automating routine activities.

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We’ve integrated Red Hat’s Ansible Automation Platform with the power of OpenShift Container platform. Learn more here

While the upstream Ansible community is known for fast-moving innovations, many enterprises require a more secure, stable and reliable approach. With Ansible Engine, organizations can access the tools and innovations available from the underlying Ansible technology in a hardened, enterprise-grade manner. Ansible Engine relies on the massive, global community behind the Ansible project, and adds in the capabilities and assurance from Red Hat that your business requires in order to comfortably adopt organization-wide automation, and at any scale you can bring.


Community vs. Enterprise

Both the Ansible project and Ansible Engine are open source technologies. The Ansible project is built by the community ( for the benefit of the community. Ansible Engine is developed by Red Hat with the explicit intent of being used as an enterprise IT platform.

I had the Ansible playbooks running in about 3 days on our entire production stack with 15 different microservices. It was really easy once you have the templates in hand.
Anand Patel
Software Engineer, Runnable

New Forrester Wave™ report

Forrester Wave: Infrastructure automation platforms Q3 2020. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform emerged as a leader because of the solution’s integration capabilities and its model editing capabilities.

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What's Included

Red Hat Ansible Engine

Ansible Engine is made up of the components central to Ansible automation – the task engine, OpenSSH and WinRM transports, and the Ansible language itself. Have a question or an issue with the Ansible Engine or Ansible language? Red Hat Support is here to help.

Ansible Engine Core Modules

We’ve curated a collection of modules that have been developed and maintained by Red Hat Engineering. They’re written, tested, and delivered with enterprises in mind, and stay tuned, because more new modules are added in every Ansible Engine release.

Ansible Engine Community Modules

Batteries are included. Why hunt and search for modules for the most popular platforms? Ansible Engine still includes the Ansible project community modules. Select from an exhaustive list of included modules to automate every aspect of your IT environment, and trust that we’ll work with the community on your behalf to get any issues fixed.

No matter where you are in your automation journey, we’re here to help

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