Automation execution environments

Automation execution environments provide a standard way to build and distribute the environment that automation runs in, which reduces complexity and makes it faster and simpler to develop and deploy automation.


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Automation execution environments dramatically simplify how automation is executed and managed. An automation execution environment is a container image used to execute Ansible playbooks and roles. It provides a defined, consistent, portable environment for executing automation.

Execution environments also provide a common language for communicating automation dependencies between automation creators, architects, and platform administrators. Ansible Automation Platform also includes access to Ansible content tools, which are apps designed to make it easier to build and manage execution environments.

Automation execution environments are the replacement for Ansible Engine.

What's included

UBI 8 as a base operating system

Python 3.8

Ansible Core

Ansible Core 2.9 container

Ansible Core 2.11 minimal container

Ansible Core 2.11 supported container

Ansible Content Collections

A supported execution environment contains Ansible certified content supported and maintained directly by Red Hat.

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