Automation analytics and Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Plan, measure, and expand your automation using actionable data

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Rich reporting and observability metrics to help you track and manage your automation 

Included in your Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform subscription

Automation analytics

Measure the business impact of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Automation analytics gives you full visibility into the performance of your automation, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions so you can scale faster.

Automation analytics helps you estimate return on investment (ROI), predict the time and cost savings of future automation projects, and monitor the success or failure of jobs.

Insights for Ansible Automation Platform

Monitor and resolve issues across your Ansible-managed infrastructure

With Insights for Ansible Automation Platform, you can monitor and proactively resolve infrastructure performance issues, system availability, and security vulnerabilities—helping to minimize compliance risks, threats, and potential downtime. Insights for Ansible Automation Platform relies on observability data from Red Hat support tickets and other inputs so you can identify root causes faster.

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Automation Analytics 

Gives you a snapshot of what you’re automating—and how it’s performing.

Automation Calculator 

Track and measure the total value of your automation efforts by time and cost savings. 



Savings Panner

Project the 1- to 3-year time and cost savings for each automation task—so you can prioritize your work.



Use our curated collection of most-requested reports from customers to track automation performance.



Job Explorer

Save time and investigate issues in a cluster or across multiple clusters with the click of a button.



Insights for Ansible Automation Platform

Helps you monitor your automation infrastructure—including the health status and configuration of systems.


Quickly identify security and performance issues before they impact your ecosystem.



Instantly generate an Ansible Playbook to resolve issues.



Easily detect differences and deviations across your systems.



Trigger notifications when issues are identified that fall outside your established policies.




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Frequently Asked Questions 

No. AWX is the upstream open source project for automation controller. Automation analytics, Red Hat Insights, and other services like Ansible automation hub require a Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription.

No, the free and unlimited use of both tools are included in your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription. If you have questions about your current subscription, contact your Red Hat advisor.

Automation analytics reports on the status and performance of your enterprise’s automation initiatives. It measures the success of jobs and tasks, and it helps you calculate ROI. Using predictive analytics, you  can prioritize future automation projects based on time and cost savings. It shows current job status and helps you investigate and manage your automation efforts. 

Insights for Ansible Automation Platform alerts you to the status of your Ansible Automation Platform estate, letting you observe your automation controller (formerly Ansible Tower) connected nodes while providing advice and guidance for resolving issues in a timely manner. Red Hat Insights issues alerts when your systems are out of compliance with defined policies, and it helps you manage inconsistencies by comparing different systems or a baseline setting.

Only the automation controller cluster needs to have access to

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