Automation analytics and Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Plan, measure, and expand your automation using actionable data

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Rich reporting and observability metrics help you track and manage your automation.

Automation analytics gives you full visibility into the performance of your automation, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions so you can scale faster. 

With Red Hat Insights, you can monitor and proactively resolve automation infrastructure performance issues, system availability, and security vulnerabilities, helping to minimize compliance risks, threats, and potential downtime.

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Solve once, share with everyone

Reveal most used Ansible Playbooks, modules, and deployment pass/fail rates from an intuitive dashboard.

Sustainably grow automation

  • Stay informed with health notifications about your Ansible clusters expiring, how they're used, and when a node is down.
  • Get notified when there are too many pending jobs in the job queue and be notified when any jobs fail beyond task or host being unreachable.
  • Know when to upgrade your Ansible Automation Platform installations with end-of-life notifications.

Sort job success by automation controller cluster

Filter automation controller (formerly Red Hat Ansible Tower) clusters in real-time or through historical data to see where specific jobs are failing or which job logs need further debugging. Sensitive logs can remain within automation controller on-premise, while other metadata can be sent to the cloud for Insights for Ansible Automation Platform to interpret.

Measure automation success

Gain an understanding of what automation success looks like, how much time and money you've saved by automating, and convert the benefit of automating jobs into real-world currency. Insights for Ansible Automation Platform now allows users to see the value of their automation projects before and after deploying.

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What can your automation data tell you? 

No matter your role in IT, automation analytics and Insights for Ansible Automation Platform can help you answer essential questions so you can make smarter, faster automation decisions.

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Connect your data

Turn on the power of automation analytics and Red Hat Insights

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Features and benefits

Measure success for your automation

View information about automation health, usage, and performance across your enterprise.


Turnkey setup

Insights for Ansible Automation Platform is hosted within the dashboard alongside other Red Hat management solutions.


Stay informed

Notifications let you know when events are happening across all enterprise automation controller clusters.  Get alerts when a node or cluster is down and determine severity.

Filter by cluster

Drill down to the individual cluster for information about job performance.

Job template utilization

See what job templates are being used, on which cluster, and by which groups. Enable groups to adopt other group’s automation and measure success.


Analytics across your organization

Insights for Ansible Automation Platform provides automation data and feedbackfor both practitioners and automation supervisors


Frequently asked questions

No. AWX is the upstream open source project for automation controller. Automation analytics, Red Hat Insights, and other services like Ansible automation hub require a Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription.

No, the free and unlimited use of both tools are included in your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription. If you have questions about your current subscription, contact your Red Hat advisor.

Automation analytics reports on the status and performance of your enterprise’s automation initiatives. It measures the success of jobs and tasks, and it helps you calculate ROI. Using predictive analytics, you  can prioritize future automation projects based on time and cost savings. It shows current job status and helps you investigate and manage your automation efforts. 

Insights for Ansible Automation Platform alerts you to the status of your Ansible Automation Platform estate, letting you observe your automation controller (formerly Ansible Tower) connected nodes while providing advice and guidance for resolving issues in a timely manner. Red Hat Insights issues alerts when your systems are out of compliance with defined policies, and it helps you manage inconsistencies by comparing different systems or a baseline setting.

Only the automation controller cluster needs to have access to



Concerned about data privacy? Learn which data we collect and how we manage security.  

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