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Improve operational efficiency and build a strong DevOps foundation by creating standardized and centralized automation practices.

Red Hat® Training and Certification helps IT professionals assess and learn the skills needed to successfully automate, configure, and manage Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform.

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To increase productivity and accelerate application time to market, organizations must prepare their teams to effectively use automation technology. In a recent study, IDC examined the benefits of training with Red Hat. Learn how Red Hat training courses improve job readiness, agility, and DevOps productivity—and provide 365% return on investment in 3 years.

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“With Red Hat training it doesn’t matter which engineer is engaged on a project. They are all using Ansible for automating tasks, allowing them collectively to be five times as productive. This was not possible previously. As a result, they’ve definitely picked up the pace of productivity.”

IDC study participant

 1 IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat. “The Business Value of Red Hat Training,” Doc. #US46999720, December 2020.



Core Ansible Automation Platform curriculum 

Develop advanced Ansible Automation Platform skills in lab-intensive, real-world training- and prove your skills with Red Hat Certification. 94% of our students say they are better prepared post-class to maximize the value of their Red Hat technology investment.2

Create, scale, and manage automation with Ansible Automation Platform in this introductory course.

Learn how to automate Linux system administration tasks with Ansible Automation Platform.

Prove you can manage multiple systems and execute common system administration tasks using Ansible Automation Platform.

Advance your Ansible skills and develop automation that scales by applying recommended practices with new, container-focused tools from Ansible Automation Platform.

Test your ability to create Ansible Playbooks to perform common system administration tasks.

Manage complex Ansible automation workflows at cloud scale and prevent single points of failure.

 1 IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat. “The Business Value of Red Hat Training,” Doc. #US46999720, December 2020.

2 Based upon a global, post-class survey of more than 50,000 students conducted between 2017-2020.

Other Ansible Automation Platform training courses

Learn how to automate administration on Windows Server to support your DevOps workflow.

Configure and manage network infrastructure using Ansible Automation for networking.

Learn how to configure, manage, and scale key services used in the datacenter.

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Fill skill gaps and address business challenges by taking advantage of unlimited access to our comprehensive curriculum.

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Ansible skills assessment

Red Hat skills assessments help you choose the course that’s right for you. The Ansible skills assessment guides you to the right Ansible course based on your interest and technical knowledge.

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No matter where you are on your automation journey, Red Hat can help. 

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a comprehensive, integrated solution that helps you automate for velocity, collaboration, and growth. It delivers open source innovation, hardened for your enterprise–so you can boost productivity and reduce time-to-completion for new projects.   

With a Red Hat subscription, you get certified content from our robust partner ecosystem, access to hosted management services, and life cycle technical support so you can create, manage, and scale automation across your organization. And you’ll get expert knowledge gained from our success with thousands of customers.

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