Quality Matters: Improving your Ansible Modules and Plugins with Ansible-test

You’ve read about Ansible Collections, and you’re ready to publish your modules and plugins in a collection. But how do you leverage the lessons learned by the Ansible community to test your collections with the same tools and standards used by the Ansible project?

The solution is ansible-test -- a tool purpose-built for testing Ansible, along with the modules and plugins shipped with it. In the upcoming 2.9 release, it will be shipped with every Ansible installation, and gains the ability to test your collections.

In this session you will learn about the Ansible project’s approach to testing and how to:
- Use ansible-test to run static analysis on your collections.
- Test your modules and plugins with integration test playbooks.
- Check logic and hard to test cases in your code with unit tests.
- Collect and report code coverage analysis on the tests you execute.
- Run your tests using continuous integration before merging changes.

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Matt Clay, Red Hat