Ten Things to Try in Red Hat Ansible Automation PLatform 2

What is Ansible AUTOMation Platform?

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is Red Hat's primary enterprise automation product offering. Packaged as a single SKU, it includes all of the tooling needed for building, deploying, and managing end-to-end automation at scale. Ansible Automation Platform makes it possible for users across an organization to share, vet, and manage automation content by means of a simple, powerful, and agentless technical implementation. IT managers can provide guidelines on how automation is applied to individual teams. Meanwhile, automation creators retain the freedom to write tasks that use existing knowledge, without the operational overhead of conforming to complex tools and frameworks. It is a more secure and stable foundation for deploying end-to-end automation solutions, from hybrid cloud to the edge.

Velocity. Collaboration. Growth. 

Elevating automation to be a strategic differentiator requires investing in time, technology, and people. Make the most of that investment with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, which is engineered to help your organization accelerate, orchestrate, and innovate with automation. Scale automation with control and insight. Collaborate across teams. Manage policy and governance. Empower multiple IT domains without slowing down development. With Ansible Automation Platform, you can build and operate automation at scale, drive business outcomes, and unleash the full potential of your teams and technology.


  • Automate for Velocity

    Automate for velocity means that Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform helps businesses accelerate. To move beyond incremental efficiencies, enterprises must be able to create and share automation easily across teams, then manage everything efficiently

  • Automate for Collaboration

    Automate for collaboration means that Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform supports businesses by giving creators, developers, and operators the tools they need to orchestrate a collaborative and productive automation practice.

  • Automate for Growth

    Automate for growth means that Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform supports businesses in delivering an automation experience that supports scalable innovation from the datacenter, across clouds, and to the edge. 


Ready to Automate? 

The answer is clear. We need to stretch beyond the boundaries of manual effort. When you automate, you accelerate. And when you build a culture of automation across your company, anything is possible. Ansible Automation Platform helps smart people do smarter work by having automation do the rest.