Ansible Network Automation with Arista CloudVision and Arista Validated Designs

By leveraging the Ansible Automation Platform and Arista CloudVision, network engineers are able to have the best of both worlds when it comes to network DevOps. Ansible provides a powerful automation framework, that can be used to manage the configuration Arista network devices through integration with Arista’s CloudVision through Ansible collections. This allows the network team to continue to benefit from the change control, compliance checking and network telemetry provided by CloudVision, while using Ansible for a scalable, consistent automation engine.
As one example of this in action, we will take you through the arista.avd collection which includes a set of Ansible roles and modules to help kick-start your automation journey with Arista by applying the best practices prescribed by Arista Validated Designs. Join this webinar to learn how to leverage these roles and how you can customize and extend them to your needs!
Live Demo:
- Network services provisioning and workflow with Ansible and CloudVision
- Deep-dive into the “stackable template architecture”

Presented By:

Brad Thornton Photo

Brad Thornton
Lead architect for Ansible Network Automation